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April 11 2013

really nice...
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THISFOX. just fooling around in InDesign.

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I can't help but think this is entirely related to the fact that America has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, where "prison rape" is a common joke, where "three strikes and you're out" is an accepted practice, where corporations run prisons for profit, and where it's heartily accepted that ex-cons can't vote any more for the rest of their lives. This is a country where sex offenders can't find a place to live. Where "Cops" is a source of entertainment.

There is a market for these mug shots. And it's us.
monospace @ You are not Gary Busey or Son of Sam, but your mugshot is still on the internet. | MetaFilter
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Jazzanova Radio Show 2012-08-13

Here is this weeks edition of the Jazzanova Radio Show. Enjoy!
Check out other Jazzanova shows here and subscribe to the feed to get good music in the future.

Jazzanova Radio Show 2012-08-13 [Depositfiles download] [Uploaded.to download]

Non available.

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Prada Menswear S/S 13

Space age tenniswear and a touch of The Royal Tenenbaums...

Prada cleaned up, literally. Spring/Summer 13 saw no embellishment whatsoever, in an about-turn from last Summer's colourful crystal studs and Winter's power dressing. Dazed's Deputy Fashion Editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell reports...

"I loved the fact there were probably ten or fifteen garments which repeated and were put together differently, in different colourways. The catwalk was white and multi-level, a geometric path illuminated by light and the soundtrack fitted perfectly, 60's French pop. It felt like tenniswear done by period, space-age Paris ready-to-wear designers but then someone mentioned The Royal Tenenbaums and it felt like an epiphany. When Magdalena walked out in... article continues »
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Das Gegenteil von reden ist warten…
Wissensagentur - Alexandra Graßler
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I’m sure everybody has a bit of their ultimate bias in them. All my friends think I’m a female Kangin because of the way I act. OTL

Its so true lmao
I am one of the spaciest people ever and so is Donghae OTL. Also you know how like in a lot of fics Donghae rambles and switches subject every 5 seconds? I do that a lot and I would not be shocked if he did too.
/short attention span.

^ You really are a female Donghae XD I wonder if he gets frustrated easily too /bricked

You have seen his boners onstage right?
If I were on my laptop I could give so much proof he does B3

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Hipster Kitty - Top to bottom
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Speeding Ticket - How Can it Affect My Vehicle insurance Rates?

After the first shock of finding a speeding ticket the thought in the back of anyone's mind is how will the following affect my vehicle insurance rates? It's nothing to be shocked about as soon as you see ones auto's insurance rates rise after receiving a speeding admission, and you will still move using state you are still left while using the skeleton in your closet web-site needs to be speeding solution stays on your driving record for such a long time. Here is a few common concerns when addressing a increase in insurance rates after finding a traffic citation.

How long will Really easy to implement pay?

Most insurers have several time eyeglasses for revving tickets, but most typical between three and several years. Sounds like many years, but insurance companies reward and penalize clients for doing different things. A site visitors citation is believed a virtually no, no to help and motor vehicle company and they believe that the rise within a insurance rate with the time you must pay for it'll have drivers learning a very quick lesson about revving. Some vehicle insurance companies raise insurance costs by the quantity of points taken off your license, after months these items will subsequently expire, making your insurance costs drop as an insurer acquires their points back.

So why do your insurance costs rise?

Any time and auto insurance company is providing insurance with regard to someone, the cost to your premium will depend on how much of a risk you will be at costing an insurance company money ultimately. If you will find there's greater potential risk for insurers to have to spend with you as an insurer, your premiums is going to be higher. A car or truck insurance corporation has several statistics to compare, and with a revving ticket on a driving record, most insurers will see this drivers as reckless, and usually tend to receive long term traffic details, along which has a higher associated risk of producing traffic incidents, both major and trivial than that of a person with clean driving record. So as soon as you receive some sort of speeding admission, this flags the insurance company letting them know that you're a potential risk for filling in an insurance claim with their insurance plan.

Ways to change my own rise in premiums?

Get in touch with your insurer or internet source and get when there is anything you're able to do about your rising insurance coverage premium. Some insurance companies will propose enrolling to a driver protection course which often can vary with state to convey. You can also see concerning changing that coverage levels on your car, paying pretty much can considerably affect your insurance quality, or you possibly can make voluntary safety upgrades to your vehicle to help potentially get rid of your insurance monthly premiums.

Recognizing these truth should get any covered driver wish to back off the gas slightly, and pay for closer focus on the speed limit. The repercussion for just one traffic quotation can last for many years, not only costing at the court house, but could possibly cost thousands more, for months to return.

Looking for more data about it , check out my website immediately to learn more information on mendota auto insurance

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Joseph LeDoux, Our emotional brains
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April 06 2013


application penetration testing or pentest

web application penetration testingThe process of application penetration test seem to involve an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that might result from poor or improper system configuration, both known and unknown hardware or operational weaknesses or software flaws in process or technical countermeasures. An application pen test, also known to be pentest, is a method of evaluating the computer security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from malicious insiders who have some level of authorized access and malicious outsiders who do not have an authorized means of accessing the organization's systems. Accordingly, web application penetration test might accelerate your success.This analysis appears to be carried out from the position of a potential attacker and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

web application penetration testing

However, the bottom line behind all application penetration test is that the company doing them might actually hiring people to try to break into its systems. While the practical and inescapable value of this has already been covered above, the people normally being hired to perform these attacks are still hackers and, in many cases, the same types of hackers whose experience was gained from breaching systems for illegitimate reasons. On the other hand, many penetration testers and Internet security experts seems to spend years of on-the-job experience to gain professional credentials. There are also many websites that claims to train to give both the information and practical experience that is needed to be successful. Some might even wait for years for hands-on experience, and to able to want more than the superficial information that is said to get from books and information-only events. Others might try to learn through books, online research or attending mass-market seminars.

January 31 2013


Application Penetration testing

web application penetration testingMany of the business and companies today rely heavily on computers and computer networks for virtually most jobs and tasks. Computers are used in various ways and in almost all the branches of a company, starting from clerical work and extending to complex operation. While computer networks are used to establish connectivity and ensure a stable and smooth flow of data. Because this data is important there are those who desire to acquire and sometimes use underhanded and criminal means. That is why an application penetration testing has been developed by several websites and offers this to business and companies who need to make their computer networks safe and secure from outside threats.

web application penetration testing

Application penetration testing is a service that is offered by several companies for individuals and businesses that rely on computer networks and computer systems in their businesses. Application penetration test is now a widely sought service and is offered by many sites on the internet. These sites offer application penetration testing to evaluate the safety and security of computer networks and applications of companies. They provide application penetration testing services for several operating systems, computer networks and middleware that is used in a company’s different departments. They use application penetration testing to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in network infrastructures and application in safeguarding important data and protecting privileged information. They provide high quality application penetration testing services for which they are known for and assure the client with trust and confidentiality. And last but not the least, they provide comprehensive reports of results for completed application penetration testing.
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